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Use these resources to help guide you in having conversations about healthy relationship choices with your child at any age.  And don't forget to keep investing in - and modeling - your own healthy relationships!

Parents Guide for Teens and Media Use

Common Sense Media

This website is an excellent source for game, tv and movie reviews, and is highly recommended overall as a guide for healthier media use amongst families.


Technology Help

Internet Security Options

This site has a review of the top parental internet security systems. Relate 360 recommends good communication and clear boundaries with your teen on what is acceptable internet usage.

Mobile Phone

Educate yourself about the harms of pornography

Fight The New Drug

We use the information provided by Fight The New Drug in all our presentations.  They are committed to educating the world about the harms of pornography, as well as providing tools for recovery.  We highly recommend this excellent organization. 

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Talking to your child about pornography

Good Pictures, Bad Pictures

Research tells us that the first time kids are exposed to pornography is usually between the ages of 8 and 11. We highly recommend this book to read through with your elementary or middle school student about the dangers of pornography and what to do when they see it.

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Relationship Resource

The Gottman Institute

Healthy marriages make strong families. This is a good source for research-based advice on love, marriage, conflict resolution, parenting, emotional intelligence and much more.  You can also find some of their lectures on YouTube.

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