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We love talking to your students in class.  But we will only see them a few hours compared to the thousands of hours you will spend with them.  Besides, studies show that you (yes you!) have the most influence with your kids up till about the age of 15.  That's when culture and friends become louder voices.


Besides our programs in the schools, Relate 360 is also committed to partnering with parents and encouraging you to dive in - as early as possible - to get these topics in the open in your home so your kids have a safe and trusted place to get their questions answered.  None of us will do this perfectly -- and it might be awkward for everyone at first -- but in an age where kids can easily find truly harmful content about these topics online, we believe the price of silence is too high. 


Keep scrolling to learn more about the content of parent meetings or to schedule one with your group.   


  • Parent meetings can be anywhere from 45 minutes to three hours, all at once or over several dates. 

  • The format is interactive, with plenty of time for questions and discussion.

  • Resources are available to take home. 

  • Parents are equipped with the latest information available on relationship topics.

  • Parents receive a brief summary of the topics that Relate 360 presents to students and are given ideas and resources for further discussion at home.

  • Groups are welcome to ask for a specific topic, such as media use, sexting, pornography, etc.

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