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Use these resources to help guide you in having conversations about healthy relationship choices with your child at any age.  And don't forget to keep investing in - and modeling - your own healthy relationships!



A Parent's Guide for Communication

How to Talk So Kids Will Listen

This book gives awesome input on how to talk and listen to your kids well. 


Parent - Teen Communication

How to Talk so Teens Will Listen

This book provides pointers and guidelines for parents desiring to effectively talk and listen to their kids well.


Talking to your child about pornography

Good Pictures, Bad Pictures Jr.

Talking to your younger child about pornography.


Talking to your child about pornography

Good Pictures, Bad Pictures

Research tells us that the first time kids are exposed to pornography is usually between the ages of 8 and 11. We highly recommend this book to read through with your elementary or middle school student about the dangers of pornography and what to do when they see it.


Parent Guide to ScreenTime 


Technology is all around us. Understanding how technology can be addictive is extremely important. Check out this book to learn a realistic and optimistic perspective on how to thoughtfully guide kids in the digital age.


The Body Book for Girls 

The Care & Keeping of You

In this book you will find answers to questions you may face about your little girl's changing body, from hair care to healthy eating, bad breath to bras, periods to pimples, and everything in between. 


The Body Book for Older Girls 

The Care & Keeping of You 2

This book will guide you through the next steps of your girl growing up covering questions about periods, growing bodies, peer pressure, personal care, and more!


The Body Book for Boys

Guy Stuff

A guide as your boy walks through the next steps of growing up covering all the questions from hair care to healthy eating, bad breath to shaving, acne to voice changes, and everything in between.


Educate2Empower Books

Educate and Empower Kids

Series of books and online resources for talking to your kids about sex, body safety, puberty and other important topics.



Parents Guide to Building Lasting Faith in Your Kids

Sticky Faith

This presents both a compelling rationale and a powerful strategy to show parents how to actively encourage their children’s spiritual growth so that it will stick to them into adulthood and empower them to develop a living, lasting faith.​


Parent's Guide to the Media World

Right Click

This book provides practical answers to the most-often asked questions about how to handle social media.


Parent's Guide to The Talk

The Talks

This book helps one focus on conversations that every family should have about sex and dating. It helps lay the right foundation on critical issues with younger children, develop a practical approach to opposite sex relationships for teens, and help one find healing from their own past so they can help their kids make wise choices.


Parents Guide to Biblical Sexuality

The Talk

The Talk is a series of 7 studies, all anchored in the Scriptures, that helps parents to talk meaningfully with children about sexuality.

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